Thursday, 14 August 2008

ADMA Digital Certificate Kicks Off

Last night was something of a watershed moment for digital media education in Adelaide - the intro session to ADMA's certificate in digital marketing.

Part of Via Media's charter, and the reason for our involvement with the course, is using education to bridge the disconnect in SA between companies "knowing we need to do digital" and them actually doing it.

There's belief in the potential of the media, but - without the baseline knowledge required to develop a strategy - uncertainty about where to start. And that translated with the group last night. The key takeout was that digital marketing IS direct marketing, and while I expected a few eyes glazing over with the statistical analysis that comes with 'DM', it was evident that Digital offered these marketers accountability and clarity, as well as the chance to be creative.

A marketing campaign with looks AND brains? Maybe not such a rare creature after all...

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