Monday, 28 July 2008

Certificate in Digital Marketing in Adelaide at last

The Australian Direct Marketing Association announced today that they would be offering their Certificate in Digital Marketing in Adelaide, facilitated by Via Media.

The nationally accredited 14 week course will be run in the evenings, and starts on August 13.

Throughout the course students will work together to learn the key concepts and principles of digital marketing and how they apply across the myriad of media channels available, from simple email campaigns, to website project management, to leveraging social networking tools and online advertising.

Via Media has been pushing to bring courses in this space - that run regularly in the Eastern States - to the SA market. The recent cancellation of the B&T Digital Bootcamp program was the latest disappointment.

“Too many of these courses don’t head West of the Blue Mountains” says Jason Neave, ADMA State Councillor and facilitator of the digital course in SA. “Access to a recognised certificate course in SA is imperative for local organisations if they want to remain competitive nationally, and internationally. The program is standardised across the country, and students get to mix with other local practitioners and learn from case studies from Australia’s biggest brands”.

“There is a huge need for this in the local market”, says ADMA Education manager Alex Pye, “and ADMA’s role as the premier industry association in this space is to help SA companies re-skill in order to participate.”

More information is available on the course from the ADMA site.

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