Thursday, 20 September 2007

What is it about digital media?

Ever wondered what is different about the fluid digital media publishing model from the manufacturing-model' traditional media?

Here's a great clip from a Professor in the US to explain...

Get it now?


jason.neave said...

Another cool thing about digital media, and today's buzzword(s) of 'user generated content' is that it offers businesses the chance to engage with their customers - even make heroes of them (or more correctly, allows their customers and prospects to make heroes of themselves). The traditional 'vote for the sexiest celeb' online polling application has given way to customers voting for other customers. Check out for a recent example from a traditionally offline brand - Bailey's Ladders, part of the Hills Industries group. And should you feel so inclined, you could even vote for some of the poorly formed (or malformed, even de-formed?) calves of a few of the people gracing the halls of Via Media. Hint - ours aren't the ones all oiled up, and actually on a ladder.


Anonymous said...

seriously cool.